Learn how to have Full-Body Energetic Orgasms

Know how to connect with your own body

Have you ever heard of spiritually awakened people talking about a state of bliss?
This state is a physical, spiritual feeling.

You are able to access this state through your body.

All practices like meditation, yoga, qigong, breathing, tantra and many more are guiding us deeper into our bodies. It is common knowledge that enlightenment happens when we go deep within.

It is inside yourself that you will find the a-ha! moment.

I have designed all these courses to help you to build this deeper connection with your body.

This is not just about sex - it is about your ability to feel, to allow yourself to feel and to allow yourself to feel pleasure. To allow yourself to dive even deeper into your body. To allow yourself to really meet yourself inside yourself in bliss.   It is in this bliss that you will find your divinity, your knowing, your peace.

We want to claim sex back, we want to remove all shame. We want to be free to feel ourselves fully. To feel the pleasure of existence flowing through us. We want to be orgasmically alive!

How much can you feel...

The feeling sensations inside your body is what governs your entire life, it creates your life. Your Life-Force is the creator force that flows in you and in everything that is. The avenue to accessing the universe inside, is through the body.. and there you will sense the truth of who you really are.

Course Instructor

Leán Bakker

My life is dedicated to being fully present in my body. I started my career as a professional contemporary dancer. Later I became a choreographer and a performance artist; exploring the deep expressions the body can utter. Always feeling life flowing through my movements. I am a qualified Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) Practitioner. VMT is an expressive arts therapy that recognises the voice and body as an embodiment of our emotions. In 2018 I experienced a physical, spiritual awakening. This manifests as a strong flow of bliss energy through my body. Through intense body awareness, I am able to tune into waves of bliss in my entire body. Some call this kundalini awakening. For me it is simply feeling my original self, my connection to the Universe through my body. My life work is to translate this inner awareness to others. My approach is to communicate through my body in a practical user-friendly way.


Authentic and relatable


One of the main strengths of the course is how very real, authentic and relatable you are throughout. Also very likeable! You don't hold yourself above your students or assume a guru-like status, which is wonderful and refreshing.

Energy orgasm by myself

Ena Carttens

Dear Lean, deep gratitude for the work you do and what you share with us!! This course has been utterly transformative for me. The exercises helped me become at first more appreciative of my body then more aware of the subtle feelings in my body and most recently I developed a very strong awareness of the energy in my body. So that during lovemaking I am able now to make love energetically to my partner. And wow, THAT is a next-level pleasure!! The energy orgasms that flow through my body feel incredibly healing AND I am able to give them to myself! I can feel "blocks" in my energy centres shift and I can feel exquisite self-love flow deep into my own cells. It continues to expand into new areas each time. Nature has become alive in a new way, my body recognises the life force energy around me, and when I allow myself I can feel it very strongly creating such bliss.

Laymen's terms

- MV

You speak about experiences that we all have in a way that is tangible and easy to relate to. I have listened to many tantra teachers descriptions of the orgasmic state, but I think your ability to put it in laymen's terms is 'next level'

Extraordinary path

Tossie van Tonder

My learning in this field of conscious sexuality has taken on such an extraordinary path with your work. I felt your personal attention to my experience at the same time as being taught by you as a teacher in this field. This overlap between being witnessed and being taught at the same time feels to me like a new way of learning. And sexuality does require a way of learning that is extraordinary. I felt I could be extremely vulnerable and tender in your presence. I also learned how you displayed your own gentleness while being our teacher. This is unusual and surely may be as exciting to new students as it was for me. Thank you for your attention and interest, and the immense knowledge from your personal experience. I appreciate it tremendously.

multi-orgasmic and filled with life force energy,


Through this journey, I have become not only multi-orgasmic and filled with life force energy, but I have energetically opened myself up to my true authentic self. I had the privilege of working with Lèan one-on-one (highly recommended!!!), and she has taught me to just embrace my inner feminine no matter in what way she chooses to express herself. This has helped me to flow with life and to embrace its constant fluid nature. This program has taken my inner healing journey to the next level, where I now feel that I can actually embody my higher self. Aaaaaaand…it has helped me to attract a gorgeous divine partner with whom I share a sacred sexual relationship. Thank you Leán for what you have done for me. I am so grateful that your beautiful soul crossed my path

What an enriching experience


My goodness. What an enriching experience. As I shared in our last Zoom meeting, which was such a nice way to connect and stay on track, “The depth of our experience lies within us.” Because that is truly what I discovered. It really is not about external factors. We are so powerful in how we are creating our own experience of things all the time, and it is so exciting to know that you can continue to deepen and enrich your own with yourself. Leán has a lovely way of slowly progressing the content as the weeks go along, and I honestly enjoyed how much of it was simply basic present moment awareness and kinds of meditation. “How much can I feel?” was repeated often and I find it ringing in my own head often now. There is so much to feel! However I know that this is a practice and journey. It will be continual. And it takes effort and intention to put time and energy aside to connect with yourself in even a basic way like noticing your breath. I think the format and layout of the course worked really well, and I feel that it put all the fundamental pillars in place for me to continue to grow from. I would in fact go back and do the course all over again because I think I would uncover even more layers. It was informative, interesting and took up the perfect amount of time (in my opinion). Because doing courses helps me stay accountable to myself with putting aside said time for self care and connection, I will be signing up for another soon!

New perspective


This morning I woke up with a completely different sensation of being a sexual being. I took a different type of ownership in my lovemaking with my husband, how involved and how active and how conscious I was, was completely different to before. I was mindful of how everything felt, what I wanted and it was absolutely incredible.

Full body orgasm


I have been working with Leán over a series of 6 sessions. We worked a lot on the moving of this life-force, sexual energy. I recently got involved with a new lover and to my surprise, she has full body orgasms when I touch her body, this is something completely new to her and we are now enjoying exploring our movement of this energy together.

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