Self-study online course for men

Your sexual energy is your most powerful drive in life

Learn how to harness this energy so that it can support all aspects of your life - work, play and love.

  • Have sexual confidence by knowing you are in charge of your arousal, your erection and your ejaculation.
  • Overcome performance anxiety by knowing your own body and by knowing how to control it.
  • So many men say: "my sexual energy is like being controlled by a madman" 
  • Become the master of the madman or  'Dragon' inside you.
  • The dragon can run havoc in your life or it can be a powerful creator, lover and protector.
  • Your sexual energy is directly linked to your overall sense of wellness.
  • Your relationship with your body is directly linked to your spiritual  growth

21 Video Tutorials

Lovingly presented by a woman, to help you:

  • Beat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

  • Have stronger erections for longer periods of time

  • Have full body orgasms without ejaculation

Hi, I am Leán Bakker

Your coach on this course

I am a sexuality coach working with men, women and couples.

The majority of my clients are men.  I help men get in touch with their sensuality and gain sexual confidence.

Through my work with couples, I understand the principal skills a man should acquire to be the best lover he can be.

I regularly attend sexuality training courses am make love selectively. I choose lovers of high standard from whom I pick up practical experience and know-how.

My male clients and friends ask me on a daily basis to give them guidance on how to last longer in bed.  So many men want to know how to have the pleasure of an orgasm without ejaculating too soon. I feel I have a very nice grip and understanding of it and I have a fun way of guiding men through the process.

This is a skill that needs practice over time.  My daily tips will give you the best results possible and you can slowly build your skill and endurance.

Starting Friday 3 March 2023

You will get one video lesson per day starting in:

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Bonus material

  • One-on-one Zoom Coaching

    Once you have completed all the lessons, you may book a on-on-one individual Zoom Coaching session with me. In this session we can address any personal issues you might need more guidance on.


  • How much of my time will I need to dedicate to the course every day?

    I will keep the videos lessons short, 5-10 minutes to start with. As we progress with the masturbation practice, some videos might be a bit longer. They will be fun to follow - I promise!

  • Will I need to be naked during the practices?

    Yes. You are doing this in the privacy of your home.

  • Will you Leán, be masturbating with us?

    No. I will stay fully clothed and verbally guide you through the process. I will be showing you a few techniques from my pre-recorded penis massage courses.

  • Do I need to attend group Zoom calls?

    No. You are doing this on your own and in your own time.

  • What if I miss one day. Will I still have access to the lessons?

    You will have permanent access to all the lessons once they have been released. It is best to not jump ahead with the material and to finish one lesson before progressing to the next. You may go back and repeat lessons at any time. This course will be your friend, so you can sharpen and revise your skills whenever you need them in the future.

  • What if I have a personal problem I am struggling with?

    At the end of the course every participant gets an hour one-on-one Zoom coaching call with me. Here I can help you with your individual problems and challenges.

  • Can I do the course if I don't currently have a sexual partner?

    Absolutely yes! You will up-skill yourself in preparation for meeting the ideal partner.

  • If I have a sexual partner, can I still make love every day while doing the course?

    Yes, you may make love as often as you please. You will immediately be able to apply and practice your new skills.