Self-study online course

Cultivate and nurture your energy flow. Also known as Kundalini or sexual energy.


About this course

12 exercises

Helping you to feel the flow of your life-force through your body

This energy is also known as Life-Force, Kundalini, Golden Light, Shakti, Chi, Sexual Energy and Energy Orgasms.

By regularly moving life-force through your body, you will notice that all aspects of your life start to shift into alignment. 

It is like taking a daily dose of vitamin Life!

This is a self-study course consisting of 12 exercises.

Doing these exercises regularly will help you tune into the subtle sensations in your body - allowing them to become stronger over time.

Once you know what these sensations feel like and how to activate them, you will be able nurture and grow it.

You can then incorporate this energy flow in your daily life, in your meditations and in your love making.

Hi, I am Leán Bakker

Your course facilitator

Leán Bakker

My life is dedicated to being fully present in my body. I started my career as a professional contemporary dancer. Later I became a choreographer and a performance artist; exploring the deep expressions the body can utter. Always feeling life flowing through my movements. I am a qualified Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) Practitioner. VMT is an expressive arts therapy that recognises the voice and body as an embodiment of our emotions. In 2018 I experienced a physical, spiritual awakening. This manifests as a strong flow of bliss energy through my body. Through intense body awareness, I am able to tune into waves of bliss in my entire body. Some call this kundalini awakening. For me it is simply feeling my original self, my connection to the Universe through my body. My life work is to translate this inner awareness to others. My approach is to communicate through my body in a practical user-friendly way.

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