Learn how to touch your lover's genitals like a pro

You will have so much more fun in the bedroom...

Yoni Massage and Penis Massage

In your own time and in the privacy of your home


Her yoni, His Penis

Connection ... Touch ... Sensation ...

  • Penis massage

    This is an opportunity for the man to relax and to receive. He does not have to perform sexually and can simply connect with everything he is feeling. It is a deep body meditation for him to surrender into all the sensations in his body and penis.

  • Yoni massage

    This is a time for the woman to relax and to experience her yoni. She is under no pressure to climax. She has the time to surrender into everything she is feeling inside herself and her yoni.

  • For you as a couple

    You will gain more confidence in how to touch each other, while you are making dedicated time to slowly explore each other's genital. You will gain a deeper insight into your own sensitivity and get to know the delicate landscape of sensations in your partner.

Your instructor:

Hi, I am Leán Bakker - Coach for Conscious Sexual Connection & Pleasure

A big part of my work is to give men the experience of a sacred Lingam (penis) massage and to help women connect with their Yoni with yoni massage.

I also teach these intimate massages to couples so they can incorporate this beautiful practice into their loving connection.

I am sharing my knowledge with you so that you may be enriched and blessed with a deeper understanding of one another.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and How to use this course

    2. Anointing the divinity in my Lover

    3. Penis massage introduction

    4. Penis massage demonstration

    5. Yoni massage introduction

    6. Yoni massage, a few techniques explained

    7. Yoni massage demonstration

    8. Reflection

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