A course for men who want to be better lovers to women

Guidance and pointers from a multi-orgasmic women

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Course starts on  25 January 2013.

This is a self-study online course with pre-recorded lessons. As part of the course you will also receive a personal one-on-one online session with me.

You will receive tips from me as a multi-orgasmic woman. I will give you useful, practical information on how to move, what to do, where to touch and what to say.

I am Leán Bakker

Pleasure Coach and orgasm expert

I am the most orgasmic person I know. My work as dancer, choreographer and Voice Movement Therapist has helped me to have a deep understanding of the way in which we connect with our bodies on a physical and emotional level. Through my own journey of healing, I had a massive full-body Kundalini and  vaginal awakening in 2018.  I help men, women and couples to find their full orgasmic potential.