My Story

And why I am making this course

In 2018, at the age of 49, I had a sexual awakening. It is not like I was not sexual before, I have always loved sex and am a sensual being. But what happened to me in March 2018, changed my sexuality radically. 

I stumbled upon an awakening that I was not even looking for, in fact I did not even know that it was possible. 

The lover I was with at that moment, was an ordinary guy, not a Tantrica or a sex guru. But what he had was presence and patient focus. The rest was up to me... My body was ready...

This awakening took on two parts:
The fist was that pleasure awakened in every cell of my body. Pleasure started pulsating through my body like a ball of golden light resulting in hours of full body orgasms.
The second part is what surprised me the most... from one second to the next, my vagina woke up - and whoosh! she started having orgasm upon orgasm in many different spots and... she started dancing, eating, pulsating with rhythmic motions. I did not even know that this was possible. It was like a long forgotten nerve suddenly connected and she is filled with awareness, sensation and motion. At fist I thought something strange has happened to me - like my vagina had gotten possessed by some living entity, an entity that knows what it wants, has an intelligence and dances in movements of delight. I soon realised that I myself has finally come home to myself inside my sex.  I had an awareness that the healing in myself was repairing generations of separation.

One of the fist questions I asked was: "why has no one told me this is possible?"

This is why I am breaking the silence.

In this course I will be sharing with you the building blocks of repairing the brain-vagina connection.

This course is for people with vaginas and for those who are making to vaginas. 

As the lover of a vagina or as a man, it is  beneficial to know how to call life and pleasure into her.  To be with her in a manner that allows her to connect with the pleasure inside herself.

Self-study online course

In your own time and in the privacy of your home

Guiding women and their lovers to greater levels of intimacy and pleasure

Please take note: The content of this course is also contained within the Flagship course, 6-week intensive 'The Pleasure of Full-Body Orgasms'

If you have already signed up for the Full Body course, the information from this course is included in it.

Pleasure... Pleasure... Pleasure

How much can you feel?

  • Fow women

    Learn the techniques of building a renewed relationship with your vagina and with pleasure.

  • For Men

    Learn what you can do to help her to have vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

  • For Couples

    Understand how you can move together into deeper orgasmic connection.

Dance Performance

Shortly after my vagina awakening, I decided to communicate what I am feeling though a dance performance.
This dance is included in the course, along with a description of what all the movements mean. It can also be seen in my free Erotic art showcase

My Story

by Leán Bakker

Course curriculum

    1. Orgasm is...

    2. How to use this course

    1. What to expect

    2. My story - told in yet another way

    3. Orgasmic eating

    4. Reflection on orgasmic eating

    5. Yoni Love | Penis Love

    6. Reflection on Yoni Love | Penis Love

    7. Gold from the clitoris/penis

    8. Reflection on your golden energy

    9. Women: Receiving into my vagina

    10. Men: Become aware of ejaculation choice

    11. Reflection on receiving

    12. Women: Landscape of Sensation

    13. Men: A crash course in semen retention

    14. Reflection on the landscape of sensation

    15. Women: Dancing muscles of the vagina

    16. Reflection on the muscles of your vagina

    17. Men: A man's perspective on ejaculation choice

    18. Presence in oral sex

    19. Intercourse - Penetrating and receiving

    20. Vaginal Orgasms

    21. Reflection on making love

    22. The end - How much can you feel...

    1. Copy of Mother Mary in Pussy Pink

    2. Explanation of the dance meaning

About this course

  • $144.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


Ena Carstens

Dear Lean, deep gratitude for the work you do and what you share with us!! This course has been utterly transformative for me. The exercises helped me become at first more appreciative of my body then more aware of the subtle feelings in my body and most recently I developed a very strong awareness of the energy in my body. So that during lovemaking I am able now to make love energetically to my partner. And wow, THAT is a next-level pleasure!! The energy orgasms that flow through my body feel incredibly healing AND I am able to give them to myself! I can feel "blocks" in my energy centres shift and I can feel exquisite self-love flow deep into my own cells. It continues to expand into new areas each time. Nature has become alive in a new way, my body recognises the life force energy around me, and when I allow myself I can feel it very strongly creating such bliss.


Through this journey, I have become not only multi-orgasmic and filled with life force energy, but I have energetically opened myself up to my true authentic self. I had the privilege of working with Lèan one-on-one (highly recommended!!!), and she has taught me to just embrace my inner feminine no matter in what way she chooses to express herself. This has helped me to flow with life and to embrace its constant fluid nature. This program has taken my inner healing journey to the next level, where I now feel that I can actually embody my higher self. Aaaaaaand…it has helped me to attract a gorgeous divine partner with whom I share a sacred sexual relationship. Thank you Leán for what you have done for me. I am so grateful that your beautiful soul crossed my path

Tossie van Tonder

My learning in this field of conscious sexuality has taken on such an extraordinary path with your work. I felt your personal attention to my experience at the same time as being taught by you as a teacher in this field. This overlap between being witnessed and being taught at the same time feels to me like a new way of learning. And sexuality does require a way of learning that is extraordinary. I felt I could be extremely vulnerable and tender in your presence. I also learned how you displayed your own gentleness while being our teacher. This is unusual and surely may be as exciting to new students as it was for me. Thank you for your attention and interest, and the immense knowledge from your personal experience. I appreciate it tremendously.

video testimonial

Shekinah Jacobs


  • Is this a tantra course?

    Not really. I am a qualified Voice Movement Therapy practitioner. We will be engaging directly with your connection with your body. We will be using touch, internal conversation, breathing, voice and movement to build a strong body-mind connection.

  • Is this course only for people who identify as female?

    My sexual orientation is currently bisexual. We will be addressing the manner in which we learn to receive into our bodies, they way we are while being penetrated. Therefore any person who desires to derive more pleasure from being penetrated, will benefit from this course. This includes people in the LGBTQ+ community as well.

  • Can I do this course with my partner?

    Yes, the course is partner directed and invites partner play and interaction. There are exercises that women and men do on their own and then there are practices for you as a couple.

  • What if I don't have a partner or lover at the moment?

    You may do the entire course on your own and in preparation for meeting a partner in the future. You may also repeat the exercises later when you are in a partnership. You have access to this course for as long as the technology supports it.

  • Will we get the opportunity to heal sexual wounding?

    This course is about restoring wellbeing. When we reconnect with our true essence, healing flows everywhere. The blocks we may feel in our bodies are places where we are afraid to feel or where there is too much to feel. By gently giving voice to these areas, we claim back our full presence within ourselves.